Alley Cat! Toony Avatar Base for VRChat, Neos, VSeeFace

Toonworks VRChat Avatars
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Get a headstart on your feline follies with this brand new avatar base from Toonworks!

Visit Will Mofield's Toony Avatars in-game and try this avatar base before you buy!

Feline features

🧶 Fully configured for VRChat including the new Avatar Dynamics

🧶 Lip sync visemes

🧶 Also suitable for VSeeFace for streaming / Vtubers

🧶 Just over 15k polygons - suitable for fallback and Quest avatars!

🧶 Guaranteed not to trigger allergies (though may smell slightly of sardines)

What's included?

➡️Unity package with pre-configured scenes

➡️Blender file

➡️FBX file

➡️Substance Painter projects for the two demo avatars


Setting up your Unity project with the demo assets is easy. Import the latest VRChat SDK, then the Alley Cat and Poiyomi .unitypackage files provided. The "Demo Calico" and "Demo Vanilla" scenes are ready to use and modify as you need.


The included .fbx file can be used right away and includes the "calico" textures.


We suggest using the UniVRM package for Unity to configure this avatar base for use in VSeeFace and other face-tracking software.

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Alley Cat! Toony Avatar Base for VRChat, Neos, VSeeFace

1 rating
I want this!